Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to wear a sports bra?
Your bust is only held in place by skin and the ligaments around it. When the bust moves, these stretch and can result in a permanent droop of your bust. Also this movement can be painful and leads many women to avoid certain activities that could be enjoyed with a good sports bra. By wearing a correctly fitted sports bra you can reduce the risks of these ligaments stretching and ensure maximum support and comfort. 
Why is Shock Absorber different to other sports brands?
Shock Absorbers are different because they are created to fit both cup and back size. Our Support Level Indicator has been developed to help you choose the right sports bras for your size and chosen activity. 

What sizes does Shock Absorber offer?
Shock Absorbers are available in back sizes 30-40 inches and cup sizes A-G. Sizes vary according to the styles of bra and level of activity.
How do I know which Shock Absorber to choose?
This will depend on the size of your bust and the sport you perform in. Our range offers a varied choice of styles and designs for all body shapes and sports. Our Support Level Indicator will help you choose the right piece of sports kit for your needs.
Can I view the full Shock Absorber range on this website?
Yes. Our product range is divided into sports bras and Support Levels.
I have small breasts. Do I still need to wear a sports bra?
Yes! The ligaments that attach the breast to the body sag over time, even in small breasts. The only way to prevent this is to support the breasts with a correctly fitted bra, no matter what your cup size your breasts will need this type of support.
Do I need a different Shock Absorber for different sports?
Yes! As our Support Level Indicator shows, different sports bras are required for different sports. Our Support Levels are determined by the breast movement in each sport, which means that the sports bra you wear for yoga may not offer enough support if you also wear it for a step class. Also, your aerobics class sports bra is specially designed for high impact sports and may feel restrictive for low impact sports such as yoga.
Note: A higher support level will cover support levels below it.
I can't find the sports bra I'm looking for. How do I know which sports bra to choose?
You can start by selecting a similar sport, so if you practice Tai Chi try selecting Martial Arts or Yoga. If our suggested sports don't match the one you are looking for, try thinking about a sport that is of similar impact to the one you are looking for and see if you can find that.
Do I have to be fitted by a professional to wear Shock Absorber?
Because Shock Absorber is made to fit both your back and cup size you must know what your bra size is. It is always best to have yourself fitted by a professional but if you prefer to have it done by a professional, find your nearest stockist in Store Locator 
How do I care for my Shock Absorber?
Your Shock Absorber will have a longer life if you follow the washing instructions. Your Shock Absorber is machine washable although for longer life we suggest you hand-wash. Do not iron or tumble dry and make sure all dark colours are washed separately. Each Shock Absorber comes with instructions on how to keep it looking as good as new. 
How often should I replace my Shock Absorber?
This will depend on how often you wear your Shock Absorber. Furthermore, your breasts will also change in shape and size due to various circumstances (e.g. hormonal or weight loss). That's why you should be measured every six months to ensure you are providing the best support for your breasts. If you follow our suggested wash care instructions your Shock Absorber should have at least a six-month life span.
Why is fabric important?
All fabrics are specially chosen with your comfort in mind. However, we realise that active women demand more than just comfort. You also want a product that performs. That's why all Shock Absorbers are developed with the most hard-working fabrics. We offer X-Static, a silver fabric with thermoregulating qualities, to maintain comfortable body temperature when exercising. We offer Coolmax, a fabric that excels in actually wicking moisture away from the body, keeping you cool and dry. We've taken these fabrics and combined them with the comfort fabrics Lycra and Supplex to create comfortable sports bras that perform as hard as you do. 

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