Comfort. Support. Great design. We believe the benefits of a Shock Absorber speak for themselves. We also love hearing from you so if Shock Absorber has worked for you, please share your thoughts here.


I have a rather large chest 36E and I was due to run in the 2013 Rotorua Half Marathon and ended up trying on and buying a Shock Absorber bra the night before the race at the expo.

I was fairly game to run 21km in it the next day - but boy am I glad I did - amazing, what I cannot believe is the lack of underwire and yet my breasts barely moved - I cannot say that is the same for my other brands of sports bras.

Extremely comfortable and I will definitely chuck out my other sports bras and be sticking with Shock Absorbers!

Can't wait to try it on while horse riding too...

Thanks so much for creating bras for the bigger chested ladies that are fun, functional and damn comfortable!
Jessie Montgomery, Auckland, New Zealand
I can absolutely vouch for the comfort and support of Shock Absorber sports bras. I absolutely love mine and will not exercise without it! I'm a 32E and it's brilliant to own a sports bra that is super comfortable AND supportive - wouldn't you know it; bigger busted women DO exercise! I'm glad they are available in New Zealand now :)
Anna, Auckland, New Zealand
Last weekend my husband and I competed in a Run Auckland event. To the amusement of the crowd he won a sports bra voucher as a spot prize. I was ridiculously excited, and even more so after I checked this website and discovered the fantastic range of sports bra sizes available. I have long bemoaned the lack of sports bras over a size d or dd. (My suggestion that there be a hurdles event at the Special Olympics for women with bra sizes over a D cup, wearing non-sports bras in order to highlight our plight has been met with a lot of enthusiasm!)

The following day I popped in to Avokado in Newmarket and now have my very own shock absorber bra. I've tried it out twice this week and by far the biggest compliment I can pay is that I didn't even notice I was wearing it. It's wonderfully supportive, with comfortable stable straps.

So this fairly long message is just to say "thank you" so much, from a very grateful beneficiary of a Run Auckland spot prize!


Lucy, Auckland, New Zealand
I have never worn another brandsports bra since finding Shock Absorber at age 20. I'm now 30. I had been sending for them from England until finding stockist's here in NZ. They are amazing! If I had to choose one thing I could have when stranded on a desert island it would be my shock absorber bra.
Marny Worsley, Auckland, New Zealand
I have to say your bras are amazing. I used to run in just any old thing. Usually an Orca or Ground Effect bra or such. I did a 100 Mile Race at Cascade Crest in the US last year in an old Orca bra, and then did the Tahoe Rim 100 Mile in the US this year in my Shock Absorber - no contest on Which performed the best. They are so supportive it is incredible. I haven't run in anything else since I bought my first one and I will never change. I rate them as amazing. What I also like about them, apart from the amazing support, is the fact that in summer when it gets hot I can take off my top and they are great just to run in. Some bras, look like "bras" (I know that sounds a bit silly - they are bras!) but with the Shock Absorber they are fine to wear on their own and look great at the same time.

It took me a while to try one as I kept putting it off due to the price of them. But man, what an idiot! As I found out they Are worth every cent. Congrats on having such a wonderful product.
Lisa Nicholl, Christchurch, New Zealand


Shock Absorber is definitely the best bra I have worn on the netball court. It is very supportive and comfortable, with the extra bonus of having no underwire. I strongly recommend this bra and think it is fantastic!
Wendy Frew (former Silver Fern, Netball), Invercargill, New Zealand
I love my new Shock Absorber sports bra. I've had many different sports bras over the years for netball and the gym, all of which have been underwire. I didn't realise I could get such great comfort and support without the wire! It's worth every penny!
Kelly Cameron (Shore Rovers Netball), Auckland, New Zealand
I had not been a fan of running before trying the Shock Absorber, as I always found running uncomfortable.

However since wearing the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra I am a regular on the treadmill at the gym and am often out pounding the pavements.

I find the Shock Absorber extremely comfortable and supportive and makes running more enjoyable as the straps do not rub or dig in. Who knew that there could be so little movement with no under-wire?

I have been converted and will not try any other brands again, this is an excellent product, defiantly something I would recommend to others.
Megan, Wellington, New Zealand
I was first introduced to the mighty Shock Absorbers in Harrods when I was living in the UK , I can honestly say I would never run, train, race in any other sports bra after trying one of these on.

I have completed a number of half Ironmen, adventure races and half marathons and in the past it wasnt my feet that felt the brunt of the long distance but rather it was my back where my bra straps were and also under my breasts, no amount of Vaseline helped! This has never happened again since I started using the RUN Shock.

I simply love the comfort and feel of the bra, and I actually find it amazing that they are so supportive without any underwire?

Great product , great comfort and worth the investment.

Rock shock and run on!

Oh and super stoked you can now buy Shock Absorbers in NZ
Emily O'Leary , Auckland, New Zealand
I just got a Shock Absorber bra and I can't believe I have never had one before now. It is amazing!
I have a 3 1/2 month old baby and my breasts have gone from a 10C to a 10E. I am a runner and after having my baby I was wearing two bras for running, but with the Shock Absorber that is all I need and there is very minimal movement. So practical, AND so comfortable! Thank you so much Shock Absorber!!
Rachel, Whangarei, New Zealand